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shipping company in india

Who we are ?

Navik Global has an unparalleled industry experience spanning 70+ years with leading global shipping, trade, management and logistics companies, joined hands to form a Boutique Maritime Brand – NAVIK, in 2016. We offer complete end-to-end shipping and freight solutions. Our focus is on several significant verticals of commercial shipping with oil/chemical tankers being the front-runner. We assemble long haul vital associations with our customers and persistently strive to protect their commercial interests by keeping the vessels well maintained and operating safely and efficiently. Our state of the art management techniques, next generation technology, and professional manpower onshore and onboard ensures safety and security aspects of the vessels and the crew. Navik Global maintains zero tolerance policy for MARPOL to minimize environmental pollution.

Navik Global takes pride on its Lineage, Heritage transparency in all transactions and impeccable quality of its services. This helps us establish mutual trust. Our USP lies in uniquely modeled techno-commercial shipping solutions enabling it to penetrate, each time, to newer domains. We persistently continue to push its boundaries beyond the set goals and pursue innovation and implements latest technologies to existing business frontiers to give a cut throat competition to the remotely similar conventional maritime driven companies. Navik Global’s strong partner network and factor dependence on market leading segments such as energy, chemicals, aromatics, biofuels, insurance companies, tank farm owners, downstream derivatives, off-shore oil and gas entities is the key to its pursuit to expand rapidly in a dynamic maritime sphere. Some of Navik’s core businesses include Chartering, ISO Management, Technical Management, ship operation and consultancy, Commodity sourcing, Freight contracting, and Open Book Trade.

Navik Global strong and unequivocal portfolio, robust experience, innovative techniques, enthralling success through 7 decades and hunger to grow talks only praises about Navik’s passion, dedication, exceptional reliability, professionally qualified team and astounding quality of the services

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What we Do?

Navik Global focuses on several significant verticals of commercial shipping with oil/chemical tankers being the front-runner. Since 2Q 2016, the Group has negotiated excess 215,000 MT oil and petrochemical commodities and shipped successfully 156,000 MT as on March 2017.

Dry-Bulk commodities such as iron ore, limestone, cement, nickel, manganese, coal, grain, has shown lot of promise in our Indian entity – Navik Shipping Pvt Ltd. Shipments are handled in geared/non-greared handymax to supramax tonnages, with the capesize units for the longer hauls such as Brazil to SE Asia. With pipeline projects involving most neighbouring countries, our team is also working on newer business in Africa, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Besides petroleum and petrochemical, its involvement is astounding in LPG/LNG/crude with projects (including 1-3year term charters) driving on annual agreements; Red Sea singularly totalling 25-30,000 MT.

Commodity sourcing, freight contracting, and open book trade forms our Intercontinental Commodity Solutions (ICS) division with strong penetration in US Gulf, ARA, Europe, Saudi Arabia-Qatar-Kuwait, Pakistan, Mid-East Gulf, SE Asia, and the Far East.

What else We Offer?

Navik Global is well-positioned to offer complete end-to-end shipping and freight solutions, commodity (wet/dry) sourcing-trading-shipping-distribution, shipping and maritime training of officers/crew. Some of our latest works can be produced upon request.

  • Term Charters and Projects
  • Dry Bulk & ISO / Flexi Tank Leasing
  • Cargo/Freight Contracting
  • Technical Management
  • Oil & Chemical Tanker Management
  • LPG & LNG Sourcing and Shipping
  • Marine Operations, Consultancy & Technology
  • Crewing & Training
  • Port Infrastructure & Development
  • Independent Maritime Advisory
  • Research and Analytics
  • Open Book Commodity trade


Asset acquisition / Charter agenda:
Year 2017 :

1 x 13000DWT oil/chemical tanker, IMO2/3
1 x 37000DWT oil/chemical tanker, IMO2/3
1 x 52000DWT oil/chemical IMO2, 18/22 segregations
1 x 37000DWT Handymax Bulk Carrier, Geared

Year 2017/18

1 x 3500 DWT Landing craft / MPV
1 x 7000TEU Container ship (potential long term charter-back arrangement)
Term charters (BBC or TC):


3-5 years: 12000-14000DWT oil/chemical tanker IMO2/3 for chemicals contract
3-5 years: 37000-52000DWT Oil/Chemical Tanker IMO2/3

Advisory Panel

“Blend of Independent thought | Value congruence | Wisdom & Courage” Navik’s Advisory Team prides on an aggregate experience over 100 years through multi-latitude industries – Shipping, Oil & Gas, Banking, Procurement & Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations, Education, Information Technology, Finance, Corporate Law among most prominent fields. The Group looks values their association which is virtually the pedestal of its sustenance and growth-till-date, actively focusing in following areas.
• Develop an understanding of the business, market and industry trends
• Provide “wise counsel” on issues raised by the owners/directors or management
• Provide the directors and management with insights and ideas which can only come with distance from the day-to-day operations;
• Encourage and support the exploration of new business ideas;
• Act as a resource for executives;
• Encourage the development of a governance framework that enables continued growth, whilst not stifling the spirit or vision of the founders;
• Monitor business performance and challenge the directors and management to consider options for improving the business.



Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring.
To be an architect of a unique shipping ecosystem with blend of optimism, knowledge, planning, strategy, execution, post business manoeuvrability providing shipping and freight solutions through deep understanding of marine engineering and technicalities at grass-root level, coupled with commercial knowhow through dedication, integrity, performance excellence and accountability.


Our vision serves as the framework for our Roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

To be a global leader providing second-to-none shipping solutions through all facets of global trade in a more transparent, efficient manner creating irreplaceable market share by further strengthening our foundation and continue the path of being a growth accelerator with true insight of respective markets adding value for our employees, stakeholders, customers, and partners.

global container shipping company in india

Rajat Ghose

Rajat is the Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Navik Global. An individual with proven track record, wealth of experience, and invaluable years at sea (sailing) with Maersk Tankers, encouraged him to elect challenging strategic roles in various multinational shipping companies. Today he is responsible for ship (asset) acquisitions, chartering, structured (term) charters and projects, deal-making and negotiations, freight trading, multi-angular integration of freight curves, and market analysis. Through the past years, he has been involved in several MoU/JV's involving marine finance and strategy, executing numerous contracts and opportunities which enhanced both the company and his individual portfolio in oil, petrochemical, and tankers globally.

Overall he has 12years of experience and prior to Navik, he held leadership roles on the Board of American and Mid East origin entities and senior managerial / executive positions in companies such as ICAP Plc, Interocean Group and AP-MollerMaersk. His wide array of knowledge, adaptability to problem-solving and complex issues, go-getting attitude and first-hand experience in most segments of shipping (including renewable fuels such as LPG/LNG) encouraged him to take up assignments as an independent consultant with companies within India and abroad.

Rajat (now a Fellow) was adjudged one of the youngest Members of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) London back in 2011. In 2016, he was nominated for the “Professional Excellency Award” by the International Maritime Club (IMC) and Telangana Government India, and an Executive Education from Harvard Business School. He holds a B.Sc. Nautical Science from BIT Mesra, and schooling from Don Bosco School, New Delhi.

global container shipping in india

Manoj Kumar (MEO CL1, BE Marine)

Manoj has a maritime career spanning 23years including on-board most types of merchant vessels – oil tankers, chemical tankers, bulk carriers,ROROs, container ships. As Director and Chief Technial Officer, he is responsible for the strategic, planning, and technical divisions of Navik Global and at the helm of several very active company verticals profound to our growth.

He is holds BE (Marine Engg.) degree from DMET (now MERI) India, and has worked up the merchant ranks to Chief Engineer on several type of ships owned by Essar Group, Chellaram Shipping, Fleet Management, Mitsui-OSK, NYK. After making a transition to ashore, he took up the role of technical superintendent with companies such as Univan Shipmanagement, ThomeShipmanagement and Seven Seas Shipmanagement.

Manoj continues to lead the corporate business strategy of Navik besides formulating plans for oil major vetting and various technical protocols prevalent in the shipping industry. He was the co-founder of Seven Seas Ship Management in Singapore - specializing technical management, crewing, commercial chartering, and mid-sized S&P transactions. Later, Manoj decided to exit the venture and moved to India co-founding the Navik Global.

Tactical Team

An aggressively paced team striving to tackle short/long term challenges and bringing forth solutions and results effective to revenue generation and client success. Constructive self-criticism, honesty, openness and integrity are MUST HAVE qualities which Rupali and Piyush possess in abundance. Their commitment to ‘your problem, my problem’ syndrome keeps the spirit of the Navik growing. Rupali’s skill-set, perseverance and excellent client-network coupled with Piyush’s creativity in market dynamics, makes this team unique, dependable and truly impeccable. This vertical reports is an armour to testing times when the winds often got harsh on decision making, and choosing to stand by ethics than (larger than life) profits.

Planning and Strategy Team

Personal excellence, self-improvement, aligning our mission, vision and quality statement has been few areas of thoughts of this team comprising Capt. JK, Zikra, Abhishek and Raghvendra. Passionate on taking big challenges, and pride themselves on seeing them through. They hold themselves accountable to our customers, shareholders and partners by honouring every commitment, maximizing results, and striving for the highest quality by inspiring moments of optimism, while being mindful of the companies’ overall responsibilities.

Business Manoeuvrability Team

Whether a continuous project or a single voyage driven – irrespective of the timeline, creation, planning, implementation, sustenance and execution – all is must, and nothing less important. This team does just that. A focal point or business operator as we say, ensures company’s protocols, compliances, accounting, ISO regulations and international policies are not questioned at any stage. This team comprise bankers, CAs, IT specialists, port/demurrage analysts, publicists and social media professionals. We have Vivek (team lead), Nikhil & Ratan in India, whereas Sanjay, Cecilia, Erika, Ken and Alicia in Hong Kong. In many ways this team is the backbone of Navik Global.

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