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What is the Significance of Marine Management Services?
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What is the Significance of Marine Management Services?

Marine management services are not only restricted to mere delivery of liquids and chemicals in bulk. It also has a lot to do with safeguarding the environment and ensuring timely and cost efficient delivery of cargoes for clients from different industries and segments. This is exactly why clients must turn to a reliable and efficient chemical tanker company in India. Read on to find out more about the significance of marine management services for companies of all scales and sizes.

Marine Management Services
Aside to offering safe and secure chemical tanker in India, shipping companies are also focusing on providing a host of marine management services to its clients today. These services primarily revolve around ship crewing, engineering and maintenance, quality and safety check as well as management, logistics management and support and inventory or property management. Hence, marine management services are designed to better manage ships as well as build sturdy and efficient ones. Additionally, marine managers are also responsible for maintaining safety and security within ships and handling emergency cases, insurance issues and cargo operations. Marine management services also emphasize on the inspection of the ship and port, implementing safety measures, monitoring the crew’s performance, managing voyage related issues and implementing ISM.

The Role of Marine Managers
Companies offering chemical tanker shipping services in India hire trained and experienced marine managers for smooth, timely and effective operation of their vessels. Thus, a marine manager visits and sails along with the ship after every six months. In addition to this, they also provide in-depth reports to the ship owners, enabling them to assess the financial and physical condition of the ship appropriately. Marine managers also handle responsibilities related to chartering and leasing of the vessels, maintenance and repairing of the vessel, loading as well as unloading of cargo and negotiating of contracts on behalf of the client.

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