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How Are Chemical Tankers Helping in The Transportation of Dangerous Chemicals?
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How Are Chemical Tankers Helping in The Transportation of Dangerous Chemicals?

An increasing number of companies and businesses need to ship dangerous and hazardous chemicals in huge quantities from one port to another. This is precisely they need the services of an experienced and reputed chemical tanker shipping company in India. Simply put, chemical tankers also referred to as cargo ships are specialized ships that are constructed for the purpose of carrying different types of chemicals and liquids in bulk to different parts of the world. Here, discover how chemical tankers are helping in the transportation of dangerous chemicals.

The Need for Chemical Tanker Ships
A chemical tanker must meet the requisite safety standards for transporting hazardous chemicals safely and efficiently. This is because chemical shipments are extremely dangerous, toxic and inflammable. A good number of shipping companies that offer chemical tanker shipping services in India are essentially designed to transport dangerous chemicals in three different types of tankers namely ST1, ST2 as well as ST3. Chemical tankers are used for transporting different cargoes of varied characteristics and properties, which is also why operating them can be much difficult when compared to oil tankers. As part of shipping the liquids/chemicals safely, chemical tanker storage terminals carry out a number of operations including packaging, chemical handling, drumming, barging, waste water management and emergency services among others.

How Does the Crew Help?
Aside to having specialized chemical tankers and equipments for transportation of toxic chemicals, a chemical tanker company in India also needs to train their crew members adequately. Thus, the ship’s crew must have both practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding around different types of chemicals and the hazards that they may encounter while handling or managing them. Right from preparing the cargo sheet appropriately to providing complete details regarding the type of substance being carried, the crew should have appropriate skills and knowledge for transporting varied chemicals safely and timely.

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