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What are the different types of Chemical Tankers?
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What are the different types of Chemical Tankers?

Chemical tankers are designed for carrying dangerous products and chemicals from one port to another. However, in order to transport different types of cargoes, companies must rely on a reliable and company that provides premium quality chemical tanker shipping services in India. Here, learn more about different types of chemical tankers.

Types of Chemical tankers
When it comes to transporting chemicals and liquids in bulk, companies must seek the services of experienced chemical tanker company in India. Following are the different types of chemical tankers available for transportation of hazardous liquids, chemicals and other products.

  • Parcel Tankers: This type of chemical tanker is used for transporting around 40,000 tonnes of deadweight using a number of small sized cargo tanks. Each of these tanks features a pump as well as a pipeline for carrying small sized parcels consisting of high quality and hazardous chemicals. Such ships consist of cargo tanks carved out of stainless steel that provide enough flexibility for carrying cargoes safely and securely.
  • Chemical/Product Tankers: These tankers are similar to product/chemical tankers in size. However, they come with lesser number of cargo tanks. These tanks are primarily made of coated steel instead of the stainless one apart from featuring less advanced pump as well as pipelines. These ships carry chemicals that are less hazardous and trade mostly in oil related products.
  • Specialized Carriers: Yet another type of chemical tanker in India is the specialized chemical carrier. These are basically small and medium ships that carry single shipment/cargo such as molten sulphur, acid, methanol, molten phosphorus, palm oil, wine and methanol and fruit juice. They feature cargo tanks that are made up of stainless or coated steel.

It must be noted that when it comes to transporting shipments, chemical tanker providers are required to adhere to the national or local regulations. Additionally, they also follow their own stringent safety measures and procedures, which further impacts their cargo/shipment handling procedures and operations.

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