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What are the Pre-requisites for a Chemical Tanker?
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What are the Pre-requisites for a Chemical Tanker?

A ship must meet certain specific criteria as well as regulations, in order to achieve the chemical tanker certification. Thus, a ship that complies with the highest standards and regulations is considered to be ideal for carrying some of the most hazardous chemicals and cargoes. Here, find out what are the pre-requisites for a chemical tanker in India.

How is a Chemical Tanker Certified?
A chemical tanker ship in India is certified only after it meets the requisite safety parameters and standards. Thus, the engine room as well as the accommodation room of chemical tanker must be located at the aft of the cargo/shipment tanks. Additionally, the ship must also feature a cofferdam, which must be located at the aft and forward portion, thereby segregating the engine room. It is also important that cargoes consisting of hazardous chemicals and liquids be carried in safe and secure tanks so that they do not cause any harm to the environment during accidents or mishaps. Hence, these tanks must be safeguarded by double coated hull plating. On the other hand, ships carrying less dangerous chemicals must be transported within wing or centre tanks. Apart from this, the ships should also be capable of withstanding any pre-defined and major damages to the hull plating, thereby resulting in no loss of cargo, buoyancy as well as stability.

Other Points to Remember
In order to ensure safe shipping of cargoes and chemicals in huge quantities, a chemical tanker shipping company in India needs to avoid hazards such as toxicity and flammability. Besides, they also need to ensure that the cargo is compatible with the material used for constructing the ship. As a result, cargo shipping companies are not allowed to carry hazardous chemicals in adjacent tanks. They also do not have the permission to utilize common pumping, piping and ventilation systems. Additionally, tanks carrying cargoes that are sensitive to heat must also feature an efficient alarm system.

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