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Why choose Navik Shipping for Technical Management of Global Container Shipping?
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Why choose Navik Shipping for Technical Management of Global Container Shipping?

The answer to this question is quite simple as Navik Shipping is simply the best global container shipping company in India. Not only is the organization committed to delivering excellent quality services, but also ensure efficient operation of their vessels. Our vehicles are maintained not only to increase efficiency but also safety. We achieve these goals by employing only the best and most professional manpower, onboard as well as ashore.

Assisting factors for choosing our services
While we do not compromise on quality of services offered, we also do not believe in damaging the environment. This is why the zero tolerance policy for MARPOL is followed by our organization.

  • We believe in establishing a profitable and trustworthy working relation and we display this by maintaining proper records, as well as complete transparency in all transactions.
  • Our goal of maintaining our reputation as the best service offering global container shipping in India, is made possible by keeping economics as the centre of our shipping business.
  • Currently, our services include managing dry vessels, along with tankers be it cape size or handy size.

Technical and ship crew management
Technical superintendent is always available on the ship, at all times of the day, throughout the week. Additionally, a backup superintendent is appointed for ships for handling all affairs along with monitoring and communicating with Agents, Charterers, VSL, Insurance officials, Port Authorities and Repair team. Other crew aboard ships 24x7 is spares and supplies team, class surveyor, ship inspection, ship performance, class surveyor and forwarder. Choose our services as we are the best at offering ship crew management services in India.

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