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Shipping Commodity

The company has inked several contracts for procurement and shipping of liquid commodities and successfully traded and shipped 314,000MT so far; Feb-March’17 recording 73,000MT to Indian subcontinent alone.



Bio Fuels

Navik Global Vessels are specially equipped and designed for the efficient and safe shipment of a number of commodities. The global market is rapidly escalating its demand for bio fuels, and we are correspondingly increasing our shipping capacity to meet the rising demand each year. We accurately and safely ship bio fuels such as ethanol, bio diesel, raw biomass, green diesel, bio ethers, methane and wood pallets. All rules and regulations, and special laws applicable to biofuels are accurately adhered to ensure hassle free shipment of bio fuels across destinations worldwide. We ensure cost effective timely delivery.


Base oils and lubricants

Base oils are used to manufacture a number of products such as lubricating greases, metal processing fluids, and motor oil. Maintenance of the required viscosity and required temperature of the base oil is absolutely necessary, keeping in mind the kind of base oil and its purpose. The Combination of our expert personnel, highly equipped and designed vessels does just that for you. Shipping of base fuels such as petroleum base oil, synthetic oils, naphthenic oils, and esters is our specialty. We ensure onboard testing, total cylinder care and laboratory based oil analysis and preventive maintenance.



Navik Global is aptly equipped to ship key aromatic compounds such as Amino acids, Histidine, Phenylalanine, Tryptophan, and tyrosine. We also ship aromatic hydrocarbons of commercial interest such as Benzene, Ortho-xylene, Para-xylene, and toluene. Most common aromatics are used as solvents, chemical feed stocks, and as additives to gasoline to increase its octane rating. Shipment of Aromatics is a complex process and requires expert knowledge and industry experience on the same. Our Team of experts ensures adherence with national and international environmental standards for hassle free bulk shipment of aromatics.


Petro Products

Navik Global is very is adequately experienced and well versed in terms of sea freight services for all types of petroleum products such as Paraffin wax, slack wax, sulfur, tar, asphalt, petroleum coke, gasoline, LPG, and Kerosene. We work hard to reduce a multitude of potential risks around the shipment of petro products to make our customer’s experience worthwhile. Shipping petroleum products with Navik Global allows our customers to quickly adjust to ever-evolving market conditions. Our petro product shipping services ensure cost effectiveness. Navik Global ensures adequate investment in ship infrastructure to deliver high quality and affordable petro product shipping services in India and abroad across all significant international geographies.



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Commodity Procurement

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Shipping Commodity

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