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ISO Management

Navik Shipping ensures immaculate quality, safety standards, health and environmental standards that are represented at every keystone of our operations. We are committed to delivering high standard quality to protect the crew, marine owners and the public from any kind of risks.

Our skilled superintends are responsible for quality check of the vessels while meeting the high standards that our firm has set as quality norms. We conduct regular meetings with the technical and marine administrators to cover up the discussions related to all the ship matters.

At, Navik Shipping, we aim to guarantee environment protection, protection of the transported materials and crew safety through our profound ISO management skills. Additionally, we provide detailed procedure and policy manuals which are a great help for employees and our teams to help them follow norms accurately. Our Company is being managed by dedicated, skilled and experienced experts who have years of expertise and they focus on an incident free working environment everywhere, every day.

The frequent ISO management with regard of new regulations is cumbersome, very expensive and tedious for vessel operators and owners. We make ensure consistent quality check; we ensure compliance to regulations via experienced quality managers who have the necessary information about compliance control frameworks. This helps us make our client’s experience smooth and hassle free.

We strive hard to do root cause analysis to provide complete immunity against unforeseen occurrences. Monitoring trends and developing analytic reports on daily basis is the key to our success in maintaining our standards

We are pleased to bring to you strong and safe services that are client centered. Our team helps in reducing the risks including personal, business and operational risk and accidents. Additionally, we promote safety alertness both onshore and onboard while proffering complete support and assistance on safety related matters.

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